The Syringe Manufacturing facility, declared as “Pioneer Industry” by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is the first syringe plant licensed by Ministry of Health, Pakistan.

       TOTAL AREA                ——–
       COVERED AREA            ——–
Special Features of AD Syringe Plant
  • Prefabricated Paneling
  • Antistatic PVC Flooring – imported from Sweden
  • HVAC System – imported from Italy with Hepa Filters
  • Production in 100, 000 area with 35 air changes
  • Flush doors and windows with no sharp edges
  • Standby power generator – 920 KVa (two 460 KVa each – auto synchronized)
  • Fully equipped laboratory for quality testing (physical, chemical and  microbiological tests) and quality assurance of international standards)
Production Areas
  • Moulding
  • Printing
  • Assembly
  • Blistering / Packaging
  • EO Sterilization. Ethyleneoxide sterilization is a special form of sterilization that is performed after product is packed and remains sterilized for 5 years until the   packaging seal is opened.