Apple K1 0.5 ml


Vaccine Capacity 0.5 ml
Graduations 0.5 ml
Material of the syringe Polypropylene
Fixed Needle 23G x 25 mm
Prevented from re-use by Locked/broken plunger


Quality System Standard applied                                               ISO 9001-2008, 13485, CE Marked
Product standard applied                                                            ISO 7886-1, 3, 7864, and BP Specs.

• Packaged in sterile blister packs


Shipping volume (case) 0.06 m3
Shipping weight (case) 8 kg
No. of syringes per shipping carton 1,600 pcs
No. of syringes per shelf carton 100 pcs
Minimum order 1,600 pcs (1 shipping carton)
Price per box of 100 syringes Contact company for the latest prices